Medical Marketing Manual – Healthcare, Healthcare Services Industries

The Medical Marketing Manual Report has been published. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of industries from Healthcare, Healthcare Services Markets.

Written by senior medical and marketing executives in the pharmaceutical and allied service industries as a guide to the commercial development of medicines, particularly the interaction between the research, development, medical and marketing functions.

The editors have used their wealth of experience and knowledge in both the medical research and marketing spheres to provide a unique publication which, in 18 chapters, covers all important aspects of the subject. Edited by Paul Higham and Peter Stonier

*260 pages plus 5 supplements. The supplements are:

– Effective drug marketing: the need for a crisis management resource by J Desmond Fitzgerald and Peter D Stonier

– eDetailing – a user's manual by Andree K Bates, Edwin Bailey and Indira Rajyaguru

– The evidence needed to achieve endorsement of a new antibiotic in the UK: the physician's perspective: a personal view by Ruth Hargreaves

– Going over-the-counter: the medico-marketing implications of changes to the legal status of medicines by Jay Herbert

– Branding pharmaceuticals by Mike Rea

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