Strategic Health Care Marketing – Healthcare, Healthcare Services Industries

The Strategic Health Care Marketing Report has been published. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of industries from Healthcare, Healthcare Services Markets.

Published every month since 1984, Strategic Health Care Marketing has helped marketers and strategists at hospitals and other healthcare organizations to deal with the critical issues of the day. Each month brings you details, insights, interpretation, and analysis of new programs, new marketing approaches (both traditional and new media), and new ways of doing things. Ideal for heads of marketing at hospitals.

Coverage includes:

– Customer/patient satisfaction
– Wellness and prevention
– Advertising and brand management
– Internet
– Niche marketing opportunities
– Employee recruitment/retention
– Database/relationship marketing
– Care management
– Community and public relations
– Special markets
– Report cards
– Ambulatory care development
– Market research reports
– Physician relations
– New product development
– Service line management
– Planning

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