The Overview of Japanese Dental Market Ver 2016 – Dental, Healthcare, Healthcare Services Industries

The The Overview of Japanese Dental Market Ver 2016 Report has been published. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of industries from Dental, Healthcare, Healthcare Services Markets.

This report discusses about the overview of Japanese dental market in Japan. The readers will understand trend in numbers of dental clinics, dentists, other related workers, as well as patients. You will also know the related laws and official systems, size of the market, major players and distribution channels. Then, you can see issues in this market, and future look.

The number of dental clinics increased rapidly up through the 1990s, but has remained fairly flat since 2004, now at about 69 thousand offices. The number of dentists has been uniformly increasing, having reached about 104,000 in 2014.

The increase in dental clinics has been accompanied by an increase in dental hygienists, who now exceed 116,000 in number. Dental technicians, on the other hand, have been tending to decrease very slightly. The main reason put forward for the latter is that pay is low for the long hours worked, but it would be more appropriate to consider that demand has been saturated for about the past 20 years.

As the incidence of tooth decay has been declining, so has the need for technical material. Thus, whereas dental technician offices used to mainly be one-person businesses, they have become larger in scale, consolidating operations especially in urban areas to improve business.

According to government statistics (statistics on current pharmaceutical industry production), the dental devices at production amount base in 2014 was 52.3 billion yen, increased by 4.4% from the previous year. The one for dental materials was 127.8 billion yen, increased by 6.4%. There are some items that have not captured in the stats, such as computers and some devices, falling outside of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

In any case, the market has been flat over 10 years. It should be also noted that the market has been dominated by 12 companies with 83%.

In the dental device segment, J. Morita, Yoshida and Takara have occupied top three positions for a long time. In the dental material segment, 3M Japan has recently ranked in the 3rd position, while GC has been in the 1st position followed by Shofu.

Dental treatment equipment, whether manufactured or imported, is made available to dental clinics and dental technician offices through primary and secondary wholesalers. Some dental materials are routed through mail orders, but that option is limited. Instances are also known of direct sales by a few manufacturers, but those are limited to treatment items paid for out of pocket, such as orthodontic materials or implants.

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