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In Nov. 2014, the ICTABP6 was held in Anhui Province. Mainly the current situation, development direction and problems of bio-based materials were discussed at the conference. This issue also centers on the current situation and prospect of PLA, PET and biodegradable plastics in the analysis.

This report explores the limitation of PLA industry from the perspective of domestic supply and demand, covering the raw material LA. Compared with that of other bio-based materials like PBS and PHA, the production capacity of LA for PLA in China is large. However, as outlined in this report, the development of PLA is still restricted by raw materials, regarding the production capacities of industrial and food grade LA and the technology for PLA. Meanwhile, it is believed that PLA is still one of the bio-based materials with the strongest development potential. How do raw materials such as LA restrict the development of PLA? How does PLA continue the strongest development?

Similarly, bio-based PET also shows problems in raw materials. This report pays specific attention to petrochemical PET, which is regarded as a competitor for bio-based PET. In the light of the raw materials, PTA and MEG, involving their production capacities, apparent consumption, etc., petrochemical PET is proven to encounter serious overcapacity. Meanwhile, fiber, major downstream application for PET, is highlighted. In conclusion, the demand in petrochemical PET market is not that optimistic. Moreover, the continuous price decreases of crude oil in the world is considered, so as to find out the changes brought to the price and market of petrochemical PET and further to analyze the possibility for bio-based PET to enter into the market. What about the current situation of petrochemical PET? What impact will it bring to bio-based PET?

Of course, the bio-based materials market does not wholly stay at a standstill and even depression. This report provides collected data from the European associations and concludes that biodegradable plastics maintain a high growth rate and Asia will play a key role in the development of biodegradable plastics.

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Table of Contents

Development of bio-based PET severely hindered by overcapacity and declining demand of pertrochemical PET

Backwards development of bio-based succinic acid against development of bio-based PBS in China

Analysis on development of biodegradable plastics

Standards for bio-based materials industry highly required in China

PLA boasts strong development potential despite restriction from raw materials

Crankcase cover made from bio-based PA awarded innovation prize

Bio-based PDO applied in furniture coating field

First bio-based smart card project launched in China

ICIS Asian Polyolefin Conference sees bright prospect for biodegradable plastics in Asia

Sun Australia establish strategic partnership with TIB, CAS

Kingfa witnesses surged limit

Envonik passes FDA certification for PA1010

Guangdong Shangjiu makes technology investment into overseas bio-based material projects

Development of bio-based materials still relying on policy support

R&D focus of bio-based materials shifts to modification technology for application

Producing bio-based materials with cellulose still far away from industrialization

China makes breakthrough in straw enzymolysis to produce bio-based ethanol and butanol

CNITECH, CAS makes progress in cellulose chemical transformation technology

Harvested corn launched on market forms downward trend in corn starch price in China

China's castor oil market tends to recover from